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From Kathy Belge

1.Get to know your own body. Before you can even think about turning someone else on, it?s good to know what excites you. Yes, I?m talking about masturbation. Spend some time one-on-one with yourself. As you touch yourself and find the places that feel good, you?ll know where to touch her.
And more importantly, how to tell her what turns you on.
2. Go sober. You want to remember your first lesbian sex. Sometimes alcohol or drugs can lower your inhibitions and make the first move easier, but you?re not as likely to do or say something regrettable if you?re sober.
3. Go Safe. Yes, lesbians need to worry about sexually transmitted diseases including HIV and AIDS. Read up on lesbian safer sex and be prepared to bring the topic up with your partner. Unfortunately, safe sex is still not talked about very often in the lesbian community.
4. Fantasize. It all begins with fantasy. If you?re ready to sleep with another woman, you must have thought about it. What are those thoughts? Does she throw you down on the bed and have her way with you? Or do you go skinny dipping in your backyard pool? There?s a saying, you must imagine it before you can do it.
5. Leave the toys in the drawer. There will be plenty of time to learn about and play with sex toys. Let your first time be simple flesh-on-flesh love.
6. Relax. Take your time. Touch her all over. Don?t got straight for her crotch. Undress her slowly, appreciating every newly exposed piece of flesh. Kiss her elbows. Touch her breasts. Blow softly in her ear. Kiss her neck. Caress her belly, her inner thighs. Kiss behind her knees. Smell under her arms. Massage her buttocks. Slowly suck on her fingers. Get naked and lay your body on top of hers. There?s so much erotic fun you can have before you ever even touch her pubic area. Enjoy.
7. Communicate. Ask her what she wants. Ask her if what you?re doing feels good. Tell her where you want to be touched. Communication is key to any good sexual relationship. If she?s doing something you like, moan or purr to let her know that feels good.
8. Have realistic expectations. Your first time with a lover should be about getting to know her body, getting to know how to turn her on and learning what your chemistry is. Orgasm may or may not happen the first time. That?s okay. The point is to get physical, get close, express your feelings of love or desire.

How To Write a Lesbian Personal Ad?
Here's How:
1.Write a Catchy Title
The title or headline is the first thing people will see when they scan the personals. Try to grab their attention. Use humor, but be positive. Don't: "No head games please!" Do: "I love Femmes!"
2.Post a Photo
Let's face it, most of us are pretty visual. We want to see who we're reading about. When I read a book, I always look for the author's photo in the back. Internet ads with photos get more responses than those without. Don't be camera shy. Post a photo with your ad. If your ad sounds similar to others, a picture is a good way for them to remember you.
3.Be Honest
Don't say you're a brain surgeon if you're not. Don't say you value honesty and then lie about your weight. Be honest, but don't list all your flaws right away. And don't tell them everything about yourself. Leave something to talk about on the first date. Don't post an ad unless you're ready to start dating and/or are not over your ex yet.
4.Be Positive
Say the things you value and want in a relationship. Don't just make a list of everything that was wrong with your last relationship and say you don't want that. Good: "I want an active partner to ride Race Across Iowa and to hike the Grand Canyon." Bad: "No couch potatoes need apply."
5.Be Unique Most everyone likes walks on the beach and romantic candlelit dinners. Say something that's different about you. "I collect Xena action figures and make my own soap. Member of the Save Karina Lombard online committee."
6.Be Specific
Try to be specific about what qualities you are looking for in a woman. Do children matter? Are you willing to travel? If you have requirements about drugs and alcohol state it. "Looking for middle-aged member of a 12-step program who likes dogs, but not cats."
7.Check for Errors
Double check your ad for spelling and grammar mistakes. If you need to write it off line and spell check through your word processing program, do it!
8.Add a Personal Touch
Studies show that ads that show personality attract more attention than those that are just lists of personal qualities or desires. Don't just rely on drop-down menus. When given the chance, add your own unique traits.
9.Invite a Response
Pose questions or invite people to write to you. Put it out like an invitation that they will feel comfortable responding to. "What's your favorite book?" "What's the last movie you saw?"
10.Keep It Current
Update your ad. Don't post an outdated photo or say "Let's go show shoeing," when it's the middle of July. And if you've met someone, for goodness sake, take your ad down!

Free Sex Story

A Break
by jthserra?
Lost in the sensation, Claire gasped for breath and then moved her mouth back between her partner's legs, and reaching both hands on each side of her slit, shut pulled lightly, opening her lips, exposing the dark, hole surrounded by her soft, glistening flesh. Pushing her tongue deep into the opening she began pumping her head up and down, fucking the woman with her tongue as her saliva and the woman's juices ran down her chin.
Claire had to concentrate because as she was doing this, her partner was ferociously sucking her clit, bringing her closer and closer... She moved, the tongue now slid down between her lips and slithered into her cunt. "Not now, not now," she screamed to herself, feeling the intensity suddenly subside.
Frustrated, she moved her hands to the woman's ass, squeezing her buttocks before sliding them open, exposing her tight little asshole. Running her tongue between her cheeks, she slide her tongue over the puckered hole, she dipped the tip of her tongue in just a bit before moving back around the rim again.
A tongue moved back to her clit and Claire began to feel something building up inside her again. To show her appreciation, she quickly moved back to the woman's clit and sucked it into her mouth as she plunged a finger into her wet pussy. Getting closer now, Claire lifted her head from between her lover's legs and moaned loudly, so close to coming....
"Cut, cut, what the hell are you doing here? This is not in the script."
The woman immediately stopped her teasing of Claire's clit and growled, "Fuck it Billy, just keep filming with you. I mean shit, you'd think a real life orgasm on screen would be good."
"Look, I tell her lick your ass, she's supposed to lick your ass, not raise her head up and moan."
"Dammit Billy, she was about to come, don't you get it. She actually feels something here, you haven't killed it in her yet."
"Look, I don't give a fuck what it feels like for her, I got a movie to make..."
"Fuck you Billy, fuck you. Come on Claire, the woman said grabbing her hand and dragging her toward their dressing room."
"Where are you going?"
"We're taking a break... it's allowed, read the fucking contract Billy."
"Not in the middle of a take, oh son of a bitch."
Claire stepped into the dressing room and sat down on the couch, feeling something hard and dry on the upholstery scratch her bare ass. She watched the woman lock the door.
"We don't have to take this shit off assholes like him."
"But..." "Look, they don't own us. We do what the script says, but we are human and things happen. Honey, the good ones aren't like this, hell they are a lot better. Of course you can find worse too."
"What are we going to do?"
"We wait here until Johnny gets back, he's the producer. I'll talk with him and we'll get straightened out."
"But what if I..."
"Hon... I remember first coming out here. Some of the girls are bothered by all the people around, others like it. I was like you, it kind of turned me on, I mean thinking all those guys running the cameras with hard-ons and all."
"Well, I thought about that."
"Think about it Hon, most of these guys have been doing this for years, they get used to it. Of course, someone young and pretty like you comes along and they may get interested again. Just watch yourself with them, they've sweet talked dozens of new actresses, you'd be wise to steer clear of them."
"I know, it's just that I'm... I'm..."
"You're still worked up? You know, you remind me of me about ten years ago. Look Honey, I don't do this often, but..." she moved over and sat on the floor, gently opening Claire's legs. She moved her head closer and slowly drew her tongue up her slit, until she found her clit. Slowly circling her tongue, she took a finger and gently slid it up and down Claire's slit, slipping only slightly into her cunt and then moving up her slit and then back to her cunt again, teasing her.
Leaning her head back onto the wall, Claire lifted her hips to the woman and closed her eyes. Feeling the sensations surge between her legs, she came just as she felt the woman push her fingers deep into her wet pussy. She pulsed around the woman, feeling her whole body tremble in the ecstasy.
In a few moments the woman stood up, smiled and said, "I'll go see if Johnny's back, you just wait here a bit more. I'll come back for you in a bit. Things will go better now, I promise."
Claire watched the woman walk out of the dressing room, shouting for Johnny. She just wished she knew the woman's name.

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